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Children’s Program – Story Time







As you can see by the fantastic pictures Storytime at the Idyllwild
Library is always a great time for the children who visit each Monday
morning at 10:30. On March 20th, Rachel Torrey read several books for
the “Spring is Here” theme. When asked what goes into planning a Storytime
Ms. Torrey answered, “Well, I usually read lots of books.” There is also a
craft that often follows a story and to that she had mentioned, “There
is usually scattered construction paper around, I’m laughing
hysterically to myself and it looks like a circus in my house!” She
has been a volunteer with Storytime, “going on eight years now” and
after teaching preschool for ten years in Los Angeles and New Jersey
she is happy she gets a chance to “work with kids again,” here in
town. You can be sure you will see her and our other Storytellers this
summer reading more great story and there is always a few surprises in store.

Story of a Storyteller series with Jen Hajj






Once again the families in town were in for quite a treat with returning Storyteller Jen Hajj and with the “I Love Bugs” theme. She came ready with her canvas bag of book selections decorated with embroidered butterflies. When asked how she prepares for a Storytime she answered, “I read the books first and see what can be brought out in each of them.” Then she added, “If it doesn’t have a theater element I won’t choose it.” Ms. Hajj worked with the Salt Lake City Zoo with a children’s education program before joining us here. Her stories are often filled with chances for the children to get up and interact with the theme that week. So, whether she is leading the children in a rendition of the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or the “The Chicken Dance” we know it is a good time had by all.

Children’s Corner 2016